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DFitz Marketing Strategy Blog was created by Dan Fitzpatrick to help marketers learn how to increase the impact of their marketing efforts. The blog offers insights into improving both digital and traditional marketing, so marketers can effectively merge the real and digital worlds to connect on a deeper level with their target market.

In working with clients and within companies across a variety of industries, Dan realized that companies struggled with the new movement into digital. Problems with how to make the shift, as well as how traditional marketing tactics could work together effectively within the new digital world were widely prevalent.

Additional thought leaders in the marketing space contribute to Fitz Marketing Blog as well, providing readers with a place to find advice from a wide variety of authors from multiple marketing disciplines.

This blog was created to help marketers solve those problems and move into the future of digital seamlessly while not forgetting about the impact of traditional marketing tactics.

The articles on the DFitz Marketing Strategy blog cover topics like:

Marketing Strategy
Integrating Traditional and Digital
Content Marketing
Social Media and Blogging
Website Design
Print and Digital Design
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