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3 Ways Social Intent Data Can Improve the Sales Process

  We all know that saying “knowledge is power”. And as B2B marketers, we’re all hungry to get more information on our potential buyers. At this point, it’s easy to buy a list of contacts that comes with lead qualifying data such as technographic and firmographic information. The challenge isn’t that we don’t have enough data. It’s that we need more actionable data. Data that helps us determine whom to contact, when and what to say. Even once Marketing has passed a qualified lead to a sales rep, the rep typically has…

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How Twitter transforms conversations between companies and customers

Whether the old saying “the customer is always right” is true or not no longer matters. We now live in an age when a single Tweet can circumnavigate the globe in less than a minute; right or wrong, the customer can never be ignored. Smart companies like Apple understand the power of talking directly to their customers. That’s why the consumer electronics giant launched its dedicated Twitter support account last March. In the time since, @AppleSupport has gained more than half a million followers, generated more than 150,000 likes and Retweets, and…

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