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Brand Awareness: 4 Reasons You NEED Public Relations Now

Public relations is one of the most commonly misinterpreted industries around, and while its value is undeniable among industry professionals, it is important to spread the word of its worth among business owners and entrepreneurs. In this blog post, we will identify 4 reasons your business should adopt a positive mindset toward public relations while developing a campaign of your own. According to PRSA, “At its core, public relations is about influencing, engaging and building a relationship with key stakeholders across a myriad of platforms in order to shape and frame the…

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Top Three Characteristics of a Public Relations Campaign

A public relations campaign is a series of activities that are planned in advance and relate to a specific goal. This contrasts with other areas of PR, such as general ongoing publicity tactics, paid advertising, and reacting to events. Ultimately a public relations campaign has three characteristics: identifying an objective, finding the message that will help achieve that objective and communicating that message to the appropriate audience. Objective A good public relations campaign will have a clear objective. In theory this could simply be to raise awareness of a product,…

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2017 Media Relations Still Important

Media Relations: Still Important It goes without saying that public relations in 2017 is far more complicated than it ever used to be. It now involves orchestration, big ideas, communication skills and true strategic thinking. Moving at the speed of light is the new normal. But the new sweeping scope and restless pace don’t mean that all the old tools are useless. Far from it. They just need to be adapted to new audiences, new media, a new universe. Granted, it seems like forever ago that the traditional media had a…

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Media Relations Campaign 101

The media plays a pivotal role in creating perceptions. Politicians, organizations and businesses can view the media as friend or foe. But smart people and business leaders learn to use the media to their advantage by creating media relations campaigns that put a positive spin on who they are and what they are all about. Mission Before taking on the task of preparing a media relations campaign, you need to identify the goals or mission of the campaign. When done properly, a media relations campaign will create an identity for…

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